Japanese Unit 731

Invasion, occupation and war has brought out the worst in humans…

Pacific Paratrooper

Main complex for Unit 731

Warning !!  There are pictures in this post that may be very upsetting.  

In the 1930s-‘40s, the Japanese Empire committed atrocities across Asia, such as the Rape of Nanking. German crimes such as human medical testing committed in concentration camps tend to receive more attention than Japan’s crimes against humanity, as more research has been done and more historians have spent time looking back and studying these horrific acts. However, the Japanese too played a part in human medical testing in a secret project called Unit 731.

Begun in 1937, Unit 731, located in Harbin, China, was created with legitimate intentions by the Japanese government. Started as an agency to promote public health, Unit 731 was meant to conduct research that would benefit Japanese soldiers, such as learning more about the ways in which the human body can withstand hunger and thirst and fight diseases…

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5 thoughts on “Japanese Unit 731”

    1. Apparently the answer is, very. We know the cruelty of Medieval times and the Inquisition, but apparently we haven’t improved.

    2. you are right – in some areas of life, we could be at 10,000 BCE and would recognize/observe known behavior good and evil.

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