A New Coronavirus Wave Hits Chile, Despite Vaccine Success – The New York Times

But experts say the country’s speedy and efficient vaccination drive — only Israel, the United Arab Emirates and Seychelles have vaccinated a larger share of their populations — gave Chileans a false sense of security and contributed to a sharp spike in new infections and deaths that is overloading the health care system.

The surge in cases, even as more than one-third of Chile’s population has received at least the first dose of a Covid-19 vaccine, serves as a cautionary tale for other nations looking to vaccination drives to quickly put an end to the era of beleaguered economies, closed borders and social distancing. The rise in cases prompted a new set of strict lockdown measures that have restricted mobility for much of the country, affecting nearly 14 million people.

6 thoughts on “A New Coronavirus Wave Hits Chile, Despite Vaccine Success – The New York Times”

    1. Agree… that is why I posted it. The desire to get back to old normal is strong and wrong. We need to be working on what a new normal that is more conscious of how we all work together for good health. Most have not noticed yet that there was hardly a flu season – which usually kills an extra 5-10 thousand a year and costs many lost work days – because we have been masking up, distancing, and washing up. That has to become part of our normal annual routine to deal with colds, flu…

    2. No but it also helps if people take sick days because then you can have extra staff in for those days someone is sick. So, this does in affect work if people recognise they are sick.

      The problem is, many like you said are not working n-sync. Many still want to just plod along. But they do not seem to understand; we will not be able to travel the way we did before.

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