The Boatman

Weekend Stories by Trishikh

Robi’s boat gently swayed in the cool evening breeze of the mighty Ganges at the mouth of the estuary as he prepared his supper in it for the night, a little bit of rice, a bowl of dal and two fried Tilapias. His life as a boatman in this part of the river, especially after dark was pretty lonely and it seemed he preferred it that way, a single man on a sixteen-foot wooden boat in a water world of solitary existence.

With no family or home on land, the boatman fancied spending his entire time on the waves itself. Staying on the river had become such an obsession, that it had been twenty years since he had stepped much beyond the banks and ventured on land to someplace else. Over the years he had lost the desire to do anything else. He had accepted life on the river but…

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