Health Canada Issues Warning About Graphene Masks

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Graphene masks are growing in popularity recently and Canadian authorities have recently issued some warnings about potential health hazards that might be linked with using these masks.

Recall for graphene masks in Canada

There has been a recall issued for some disposable masks that have been made with graphene. They warn that those who might have a graphene mask should be cautious because you could inhale graphene particles from the masks and that could pose a serious health risk to the wearers they warn.

The potential isn’t known though about for those masks and it isn’t clear the risk but preliminary assessment, Canadian authorities warn, has found that some of those graphene particles might cause issues in the lungs and be very toxic, causing serious health concern if inhaled for example. They are looking into manufacturer data to further assess these masks.

Already they have directed those behind the masks…

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Second “Blitz” vaccinates over 1,000 Jamaican elders

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The Ministry of Health and Wellness really seem to love the word “blitz.” It sounds somewhat warlike to me, but I guess the idea is to really reach some numbers in terms of vaccination.

There have been two “blitzes” so far at the National Arena in Kingston. Reports from the vaccinees (I am not sure if that is actually a word, though) showed they were happy with the way things went – smooth, professionally done and well organized. Congratulations to the hard-working Ministry staff. As someone said: “Give them a raise in pay!” I would add, “Immediately, please!”

So, next week blitzes will cover the island. No parish will be spared. Tune in to the media and the Ministry for further updates. If you are 75 years or older – or have a friend or relative in that age group – do go and get vaccinated! The first dose alone…

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Why climate justice is impossible without racial justice – Greenpeace International

The climate crisis is fueling inequality around the world and in particular racial injustice. For generations, inequality has exacerbated the impacts of the climate emergency for racial communities, and here is why: Colonialism “The excessive exploitation of natural resources would not have been possible without slavery, which allowed Western countries to accumulate significant wealth … This grabbing of wealth continued with colonisation, in Africa, South America, and Asia. “The struggle for the environment and for peace requires racial, environmental, and climate justice, and a fundamental change in our relationship with others and with nature. Environmental destruction cannot be fought without fighting racism and the violence associated with it: they are two sides of the same coin.” — Greenpeace France Colonisation involved the removal of people from their land, the destruction of this land and exploiting the local communities through unpaid labour. But colonialism isn’t just something steeped in history, its systems of oppression are very much alive and well today. We see this with extractive industries, such as fossil fuels that are still causing destruction around the worl

Source: Why climate justice is impossible without racial justice – Greenpeace International

Hoje…por André Luiz 💖 – Mágica Mistura✨

“If you have to love, love today. If you have to smile, smile today. If you have to cry, cry today. Because the important thing is to live today. Yesterday is gone and tomorrow may not come.” “Se tiver que amar, ame hoje. Se tiver que sorrir, sorria hoje. Se tiver que chorar, chore hoje. Pois o importante é viver hoje. O ontem já foi e o amanhã talvez não venha.” 💖André Luiz imagens do WordPress

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Cornell University To Require COVID-19 Vaccine For On-Campus Students – Gothamist

Cornell University plans to require COVID-19 vaccines for students returning on campus this fall, according to a statement from the university released on Friday.

Across the country, eligibility for COVID-19 vaccines has been moving towards including everyone ages 16 and older—including in New York state beginning April 6th—as supplies increase and more vaccination sites have opened since the vaccine campaign began in mid-December.

Source: Cornell University To Require COVID-19 Vaccine For On-Campus Students – Gothamist

Happy Easter 2021

Inhale Peace; Exhale Love. Joy will Follow! - RUELHA

Happy Easter everyone. In this year of two thousand twenty one. Cracked open the eggshell. Now come out, mademoiselle. Look around, light has come. And darkness to fade away, has begun. Easter brings hope. Post Covid, there's scope. Wishing you new beginnings. Let your heart be filled with joy and singing. Good Friday had to pass. Remember all bad things never last. If you focus on the resurrection. Easter is here for you in anticipation. Forget the mourning and the past. The dawn of new life is coming fast. It is Easter. An absolutely new semester. A clean slate you've been given. Think about what you wish to scribble. May the Lord Jesus be with you. And may your decisions please Him too. Remember love, joy, peace. He's set you free to find these. Easter is the shining light. That encompasses and makes bright. Those twisted curves and U-pin bends…

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