Death of Ethelred

English History

Book 2,Chapter 9, Edward 975 AD to 1016 AD – Edmund Ironside

Edmund possessed great personal strength and bravery, and was known by the surname of Ironside, on account of his valour. He resisted Canute with such address and determination, that, although the Danes ultimately proved successful, it was not without the loss of many of their best and bravest troops. In the various battles which ensued, the country was alternately ravaged by its invaders and by its defenders, for Edmund was compelled to levy in the war districts necessary supplies for the support of his own army, which Ethelred had neither the ability nor the means to furnish with materials or with money, and in the midst of these sanguinary and miserable times, this unhappy monarch ended his long and inglorious reign, dying in London, April 23, 1016 while the Danes were preparing to besiege the capital.


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