‘Happy’ Good Friday


We call it good, because He hung on that wood. Had He not, In damnation we'd be caught. We call it good, like we rightly should. Yes, we mourn the death, of His final earthly breath. But, we call it good. And this is always misunderstood. With people wishing me, 'Happy Good Friday', you see. They ask me, what's the menu? What's special at your venue? Why aren't you all decked? Why no jewellery in your neck? What can I say? Christ died today. It's a day of mourning. But it's good, though disconcerting. It is good that He died. And paid for me that price. The eternal love safrifice. And that is why it's nice. It's a day of fast and abstinence. Maybe even do some penance. Only after a seed falls and dies. From within it, springs forth life. That is why Good Friday is good. Because in…

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  1. If I understand them correctly, I believe that the Coptic Bible has a better accounting of events, less fabulous, but it takes nothing away from what Jesus taught. The Romans in fact had no issue with Jesus and mistrusted the priests, so why would they kill him at their bidding? The Coptic belief is that they didn’t, and allowed him to be smuggled away to Egypt. Someone else died on that hill. The Copts were excommunicated by the Roman church and persecuted by Islam because neither wanted to hear their version of the story.

    Oddly, what caught my attention a few years back was a verse in a HIghwaymen song that asked the question I posed, if the crucification story weren’t true would it matter? Hearing Johnny Cash sing that question for the first time was a head turner on several levels.

    1. Death and in particular, Resurrection were necessary elements to creating a “new” or distinct religion. Don’t know if Copts had any better reading or recording what took place than others. The message of how to live, I think, is the important part, along with a more direct connection with God.

    2. Totally agree. The resurrection story may not have been new. Achilles was resurrected after being killed, in a story likely to have been known to writers of the time. The Gospel version surpasses others in emotional power.

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