Doctors Fear Fourth Surge of Coronavirus Cases

“We’re seeing the increase in transmission in young kids, primarily in the upper Midwest, in the Northeast right now. But that’s just a matter of time before we see it go throughout the entire United States,” Dr. Michael Osterholm, the director of the Center for Infectious Disease Research and Policy, told CBS News “Unfortunately, we are going to see a rise in pediatric hospitalizations and serious illness.” The surge comes as multiple states (my home state of Arizona included) have rolled back mask mandates and capacity restrictions for businesses. Doctors are encouraging people to stay vigilant; wearing your mask in public places and getting the vaccine as soon as you are able to. “We are almost at the finish line, but we’re not there,” Osterholm told CBS News.

Source: Doctors Fear Fourth Surge of Coronavirus Cases

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  1. The kids help keep this thing going by situations like Miami for spring break and then go home and breathe on everybody.

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