More Travelers with Fraudulent COVID-19 Test Results Getting Caught

The BC Area

There are growing calls today it seems for a vaccination health passport to be used in travel to help streamline the process post pandemic. But there are some issues with this potential system of verification and it leads some open to discrimination who cannot get the vaccine etc, among other issues.

Already, for months now those who are engaged in travel have had to produce negative COVID-19 test results or show vaccination proof before being allowed to travel. This means that there has been a potential for an increase in fraud as well, specifically those showing fraudulent COVID-19 test results to authorities.

The CBSA says that they have already allegedly intercepted dozens of suspected fraudulent COVID-19 tests from travelers who have been looking to try and enter the country.

And that is just the amount that they say that they have captured in the last few months, since the beginning…

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