12 Rapidly Sinking Cities

In addition to changes in sea level, densely populated cities have created land subsidence, which occurs when large amounts of groundwater has been removed from the earth, weakening the stability of the ground. The two issues have caused major cities around the world to start to sink, as the grounds supporting them collapse from subsidence and oceans creep further inland with rising sea levels.

Here are 12 sinking cities at risk of gradually disappearing and, below our list, how different organizations have responded thus far to the growing sinking crisis.

Source: 12 Rapidly Sinking Cities

Evidence mounts Covid jab protects those around you – BBC News

It is becoming increasingly clear the jab is a very big step towards protecting those around you – particularly people who are vulnerable, including the elderly and those with care needs such as learning disabilities or mental illness.

And a growing body of real-world evidence suggests it stops a big chunk of people catching the virus at all – they do not fall ill and cannot infect people.

Source: Evidence mounts Covid jab protects those around you – BBC News

Rising Child Death Toll Brings Sharp Criticism Upon Myanmar Military — Radio Free Asia

Myanmar’s bloodiest weekend since the Feb. 1 military takeover raised the child death toll to 38 among more than 500 killed as the junta’s increasingly violent suppression of anti-military protests drew a trade suspension from the United States and calls from Britain for U.N. Security Council action.

On Armed Forces Day in Myanmar Saturday, security forces killed at least 110 people, including eight children, some of whom were hit by bullets inside their own homes, according to RFA sources.

Htoo Myat Win, 13, was killed by police gunfire in his home in the northern Sagaing region.

His mother told RFA’s Myanmar Service that the attack was unprovoked.

“He was just a little boy and did not understand anything. He didn’t do anything. He didn’t even look outside when the protesters passed on the street because he was content just playing his games,” she said.

Source: Rising Child Death Toll Brings Sharp Criticism Upon Myanmar Military — Radio Free Asia

On the Underreporting of Hate Crimes

Blind Injustice

One common saying in the policy world—a saying I know as someone who can be a policy wonk, himself—is that “bad data leads to bad policies.”

Unfortunately, one area where we have bad data is with one of the major issues of our day: hate crimes.

In my blog post last Monday, where I talked about the recent shootings at three Atlanta-area spas, I made reference to the fact that hate crimes in general are underreported. While we have some data (some of which I cited in last week’s post), the data is not where it needs to be. This is the case because data on these crimes depends on the voluntary reporting of local police departments—something that can result in the severe undercounting of hate crimes. As a result, not all police agencies even report hate this data, and even among those departments who report such data, few…

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New York Must Offer Vaccine to All Prisoners Immediately, Judge Rules – The New York Times

New York must immediately begin to offer Covid vaccines to all incarcerated people in the state’s prisons and jails, a judge ruled on Monday, making the state one of few in the nation to provide doses to such a broad population behind bars.

The order, the first involving any of the country’s largest correctional systems, comes as the coronavirus continues to roar through facilities in New York. At least 1,100 people living behind prison walls have tested positive for the virus since the start of last month, and five have died.

Biden administration threatens tariffs on UK goods in ‘tech tax’ row – BBC News

A UK government spokesperson said: “Like many countries around the world, we want to make sure tech firms pay their fair share of tax. Our digital services tax (DST) is reasonable, proportionate and non-discriminatory. “It’s also temporary. We’re working positively with the US and other international partners to find a global solution to this problem and will remove the DST when that is in place.” There are signs the Biden administration wants a more conciliatory relationship on trade with the UK than Donald Trump did. Last month, Washington agreed to suspend tariffs on UK goods, including single malt whiskies, that were imposed in retaliation over subsidies to aircraft maker Airbus. However, the UK is still lobbying the US to drop duties on British steel brought in in 2018.

Source: Biden administration threatens tariffs on UK goods in ‘tech tax’ row – BBC News

À Français chimiste – Marie-Anne.


Marie-Anne Paulze Lavoisier – French chemist and noblewoman

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Marie-Anne Paulze Lavoisier

Hi friends today topic about history related and memorable and notable Marie-Anne history related a French Chemist…. This is for MA and dedicated to the Marie-Anne Paulze Lavoisier – French chemist and noblewoman.

Marie-Anne Pierrette Paulze Lavoisier was a French chemist and noble. She was the wife of Antoine Lavoisier and acted as his laboratory companion and contributed to his work. Marie-Anne Paulze Lavoisier studied drawing with the famous artist louis David and she became such a skilled engraver that she produced the copperplate illustrations for Lavoisier classic work. Traite de chimie and two engravings byPaulze Lavoisier…

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