Rios💧💧💧 – Mágica Mistura

The river is a beautiful example

Of union, of power, of strength

Have you seen the source of a river?

It’s just a water eye

Almost always lonely, shy

That along the way

With other strands it unites

Gaining body, volume

It is now a stream …

Still without pride

Accepting willingly,

The waters that arrive

Soon, it soon becomes a stream

But, the goal is bigger

Need the ocean to reach

The road is still long

Our river continues to drain

The tributaries contribute

It is now a stream

Its width expands

Its waters are renewed,

With contributions for the course

Exceeds limits …

Finally the sea reaches

A perfect cycle of nature.

We humans could

Take the example of the river

Put pride aside

We become one, united

Proving for ourselves

That we overcome any obstacle …

Source: Rios💧💧💧 – Mágica Mistura