5 thoughts on “Netherlands: Churchgoers breaking COVID rules attack journalists | News | DW | 28.03.2021 (Me: Trump-like politics not religion infects Netherlands)”

  1. Exactly: religion has long been used by politicians since the times of Solon, Sargon, and Hammurabi, to control unify, or divide. But religion in and of itself is not the problem. Education for empathy and critical though is the problem (and some religions have even encouraged both, as during the Islamic Golden Age, in Al Andalus…)

    1. All have taught empathy and all have been abused by governments and politicized religious leaders. When some Buddhist priests in Sri Lanka and Myanmar successfully back ethnic and religious hate, it makes me ill.

    2. priests of any stripe backing hate should be hypocrisy and grounds for their being tossed out of their priesthood, no?

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