The Ancient Guards of Pancharatna

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In the year 1980, a 17th-century cryptic temple lay hidden deep in the Joypur forest of Bishnupur subdivision in the Bankura district of India’s West Bengal state. This archaic monument was stone-built, unlike the other commonly found historical structures of terracotta in the region.

The jungle had completely engulfed the structure, and ancient trees and exotic flora and fauna had covered nearly every inch of the ruins. Built of Laterite rock, adorned with eroding stucco carvings, and with a base of 45 square feet, the temple must have been a sight to behold when it was built.

A high wall of 25 feet surrounded the entire 23,500 square feet complex, giving it the impression of a fort rather than a place of worship. Perhaps it was built for a different purpose other than praying.

On the four corners were four massive turrets or column rooms, and from the middle of…

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