Murder of Archbishop AIphege

English History

Book 2,Chapter 9, Edward 975 AD to 1016 AD – Sweyn’s Revenge

Yet it shows that even then the wealth of the country must have been considerable, or it could not have met such severe imposts, occurring as they did so frequently. “While the administrators of England thus made their dastardly bargains with the foreign foe at the expense of the people, there was one man found, a rich and powerful magnate of the land, who preferred death to giving a sanction to such conduct by his own example. This was Alphege, archbishop of Canterbury. A prisoner of the Danes, on the capture of his metropolitan city, and dragged among their baggage from one encampment to another, he remained day after day in chains, without even uttering the word ransom.

The Danes, first breaking silence, offered to restore their captive to liberty on condition of his paying them three…

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