Harmful effects of Lead and Asbestos


Harmful effects of Lead – Lead is a very poisonous metal. Even a low concentration of 0.2ppm of lead in the human body can create metabolic disturbances.

There are some of the harmful effects of lead are given below –

  • Lead interferes with the development and maturation of red blood cells (RBC) in the human body. Due to the prolonged effect of lead on the human body, its red blood cells get stippled. The malformation of red blood cells leads to a disease called anemia.
  • Lead gets bound with the cellular enzymes and disrupts the functioning of cells and organs of the muscular system, nervous system, and circulatory system. This causes diseases such as mental disorders and muscular paralysis.
  • Lead damages several organs such as intestine, liver, and kidney
  • Lead induces abnormalities in fertility and pregnancy.
  • Lead causes coagulation of proteins.

Harmful effects of Asbestos – Asbestos is a mineral…

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