Sweyn’s Vengeance

English History

Book 2,Chapter 9, Edward 975 AD to 1016 AD – Sweyn’s Revenge

It was, however, an impolitic revenge, and but that its authors were blinded to all reflection, it might have been foreseen that sure and fearful retaliation would be provoked. Among the slain in this massacre was Gunhilda, sister to Sweyn. This princess had embraced Christianity, and had married Palig, an English earl of Danish descent. Her husband and children were killed before her eyes, and she herself was put to death by lingering tortures, declaring, amidst her agony, the swift retribution which her brother would inflict.

No sooner did the news reach him than he prepared to take dire vengeance. He collected a large fleet, greater than any which had before invaded England, and manned it with picked soldiers from among those who flocked to his banner from every part of the north, instigated by the prospect…

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