Children Of The Moon

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Weekend Stories by Trishikh

Dawa moved slowly across the cold desert surface. The sun was bleak, and the land was dry. The wind blew mercilessly stinging on the little exposed skin of the old man’s face with fine particles of needle-like sand. The chill in the air made everything bow in its path. The landscape was sad, stretching flat for miles to the horizon where stood the mighty mountains of ancient snow and ice.

The Cold Desert lay in the lap of the gargantuan Himalayan range that separated the Indian subcontinent from the Tibetian Plateau. It stretched into unfathomable miles on the eastern side of the Indian Union Territory of Jammu and Kashmir. Bound by the mighty Karakoram range in the North and the mysterious Zanskar mountains in the South, the Cold Desert of Ladakh was one of its kind in this lonely planet of ours.

It was perhaps the only place in the…

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