Black Man Sues Chicago After 60 Police Stops in 15 Years

On Thursday, Cole filed a lawsuit against the city of Chicago stemming from his allegation that Chicago police officers have stopped him at least 60 times over the past 15 years, all due to a case of mistaken identity that no one in the system has seen it necessary to correct.

According to Cole, there appears to be an open-warrant in the police department’s database for someone who shares his name and his date of birth. As a result, since 2006 and as recently as December of last year, every time Cole drives a vehicle in the city he is at risk of being stopped and detained by police. Cole alleges in his lawsuit that during those encounters cops have verbally and physically assaulted him, punched him and pointed guns at him—but they have never ended up charging him. He says the mistaken arrests happen so frequently that when he is taken into police stations, other officers will point out to their colleagues that the warrant isn’t actually for him.

That hasn’t led police to update their database to reflect that he isn’t the Darren Cole they are looking for, however. The man who the warrant is meant for is reportedly wanted for driving on a suspended license.

Source: Black Man Sues Chicago After 60 Police Stops in 15 Years