As we were besides ourselves with man’s best friend..

Dogs have a way… to our hearts…

Exhortations With Shazzy

Good morning friends
Something wonderful happened to me during the weekend which I would love to share it with you. A truly great encounter with a certain dog in the farm.

My entire existence I was never a fan of dogs until the past weekend. In fact I have always feared dogs growing up right into my mid twenties. Whenever I was walking alone on the streets and I saw a dog, I would literally change the direction. No matter how much farther away it was from me. I could never understand the fascination over what seemed to be a mere dog by either friends or family.

My sister once bought a cute puppy for my niece. She would carry it to me and I could not even gather the courage to merely brush it over it’s head. That was the extent of my fear for dogs.

During this past…

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