Doctors See the Expected, Revisited


Diagnostic issues are the leading cause of medical errors. That’s well known. For example, when doctors see a patient who is having trouble breathing, the first thought is probably pneumonia. The second thought might be COVID-19. What they probably don’t consider is tuberculosis.

And that’s a problem. Tuberculosis exists in the US although doctors only see it on rare occasions. Globally, TB is a leading cause of death.

The World Health Organization standard is that a person with an active case of TB, meaning they have symptoms and are contagious, needs to be diagnosed and treated within two to three weeks of their initial visit to a doctor.

According to researchers at Harvard Medical School, the US isn’t meeting the WHO standard. Delays in diagnosis typically run from 10 to 45 days, although in extreme cases, have been as long as 250 days, based on a study of insurance records…

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