The Crossing

Weekend Stories by Trishikh

A sudden burst of wind revealed the silhouette of a man lying huddled and hidden under the silver desert sand. Visible by the light of a million dotted stars and the enchanting midnight moon magnified in the backdrop of the nomadic night sky painted in hues of lilac, turquoise and electric blue. A night in the desert can be mesmerisingly beautiful while being cold, deathly, and merciless too.

It was somewhere deep in the bowels of the two hundred thousand square kilometres of the ‘Great Indian Desert,’ covering the states of Gujrat, Punjab, Haryana and Rajasthan in India, continuing to become the Cholistan Desert in the Punjab province of the Republic of Pakistan.

Abrupt gusts of wind made the loose desert sands dance on his grey trenchcoat, the man’s only covering from the elements. The weathered brown leather boots that peeped from the bottom of his coat indicated that he…

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