Midnight Swimmers

Weekend Stories by Trishikh

On the eve of Christmas in 1892, a young monk from Kolkata jumped into the shark-infested waters of the Indian Ocean off the shores of Kanyakumari in Tamil Nadu at the southernmost tip of the Indian peninsula. He swam across to a rock perched in the middle of the rough waters, but what did he want to gain?

The twenty-nine-year-old yogi reached the monolith wading through the tempest unscathed. There, like through some sheer divine inspiration, he sat to meditate for the next three nights and days, under the starlit sky, with lashing sea mist on his face, only to rise once he found the purpose of his existence.

A century later from the very same spot on the same shores, jumped into the water, another young man with intentions perhaps very same. The night was very similar to the one a hundred years ago. He struggled to swim. There…

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5 thoughts on “Midnight Swimmers”

    1. yes, you are welcome – reminds me of a midnight swim of my own in Sri Lanka. I was perhaps ¼ mile away from the beach enjoying the moonlight and slight breeze. Friends were jumping and shouting at me on shore. Then, I heard what they were shouting – shark! shark! Never knew I could swim that fast. lol

    2. Woh! That must be scary Ned. Can’t imagine the level of fright. Then, however, it make a heck of a conversation material. Our experiences makes us richer.

    3. ha ha – the experiences we survive… only three of my close calls were in the ocean. Three involved other people with guns, two climbing cliffs and four involved automobiles.

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