China’s third aircraft carrier approaches completion, while their fourth carrier is being built.

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China aircraft carrier

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China is expected to finish their third aircraft carrier this year if all goes according to plan. China already has two aircraft carriers named Type 001 Liaoning and Type 001A Shandong. The Liaoning aircraft carrier was based on an unfinished Ukrainian aircraft carrier hull, while the Shangdong is an improved version of Liaoning aircraft carrier.

The Chinese navy will soon finish its third aircraft carrier and is currently building a fourth. Their third aircraft carrier will feature a new design called the Type 002. Of course, no names have been assigned yet to the third and fourth aircraft carriers, or else unknown as this point in time. Both Type 002 aircraft carriers will be much larger than Liaoning and Shangdong aircraft carriers, and will use electromagnetic catapults to assist planes in take-off, rather than ramps, like in the first two aircraft carriers. Electromagnetic catapults will give…

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