Mixed Herbal Iced Tea for Health Benefits

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I’ve recently adopted a practice of make a large batch of herbal iced tea that lasts about a week until gone (I live by myself).

I started doing this because all herbs have SO many health benefits, vitamins and minerals.

Each week I use different herbs so I’m getting some different health benefits, vitamins and mineral.

I used to take coffee to work in a thermos, but have replaced it with the herbal iced tea and I seem to be less sleepy and have less aches and pains, I believe because of the anti-inflammatory effect that a lot of herbs have. Some, like mint and rosemary can keep you more alert.

The way that I make my herbal iced tea is to fill the container with hot tap water and add sugar to taste (you could also make it without sweetener, or use honey, Stevia or some other healthy alternative)…

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