Célébrer la vie! ❤️

Dream diaries

Love , laugh , enjoy .., 
Live life .., and enjoy every moment ..,
For you don’t know .., if there exists a tomorrow,
You don’t even know .., what path you are gonna follow !
Find the courage ,
To wear your scars with pride ,
To accept yourself , the way you are ..,
Find tolerance and be selfless ,
Make your flaw., your forte ,
And love yourself unconditionally!

Don’t plan the future .., you can’t foresee what lies ahead ..,
Run .., run so fast that the fear of death and darkness never pace up ..,
Breathe .., breathe the whole world .., find your happiness ,
Don’t be bothered about failure ,
It’s just another hurdle that you ought to accept and learn ,
And again fly high ,
Cuz you have to be the person hidden inside you!

Dwell on dreams .., work hard…

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