SCAM Alert!

In Saner Thought

Us old farts are always trying to be scammed by morons….attempting to access your information so they can screw us out of what little we have.

Recently I got a phone call and the prompt was

“Hello citizen….there is a problem with your social security account and all benefits have been frozen….if you would like more information then…..” and that is where I hang up.

I checked with the SS office and they said that if there was a problem then we would notify you by mail and use your name…..

This scammer tried three times using three different local numbers…..

I gave the numbers to the SS person and hopefully they can track these parasite down and punish them massively.

So please be careful…these asswads are lurking and looking for any chance to slip the screws to you….especially if you are elderly….scammers think we are idiots and that we…

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