8 thoughts on “Thank you, Brendan: Homelessness, Bathrooms, and COVID — Blind Injustice”

    1. When I was a bus rider for work – lack of public restrooms always ticked me off. The problem is worsened by how appropriate cleaning and supplies for same are not something that managers think about for employees or the public.

    2. Thank you, Ned, exactly!
      Taking the Metro was not quite as bad, since many Metro stations do have bathrooms near by or even in the station, but the unmet need for public restrooms, even in the touristy areas of DC, is shocking, to me.

    3. Yup, hasn’t improved much, if at all, despite The Mall, etc, being stuffed full of tourists much of the time.
      Kind of surprising.
      But then, most tour guides have their favorite little shop that they stop at and offload the bus for an hour.

    4. At least – where I worked – Natural History and Air and Space Museum Shops – the public restrooms were kept up and we had access to employee restrooms as well.

    5. Yup, and those museums are a saving grace, though I remember at some point seeing signs banning washing up in the restrooms, and that this ban was being fought at the MLK library (the main branch, built in the 80’s I think).
      But branch libraries are (were) being hit hard with lack of restroom facilities for washing up, as people with no place to live have to wash somewhere, but the libraries aren’t funded well enough for the plumbing to keep up with the demand, in some inner city branches, at least. Especially here in San Diego.

    6. Washing up – bathing – is a special problem to be sure. In Cincinnati, there is one place only for people to shower and do laundry run by a Catholic charity. The shelters also offer but only for residents.

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