Searching for a Turning point

Politically Poetic

 A global pandemic, economic collapse A civil unrest has galvanized us. Questioning science causes turmoil, Searching for a turning point. Career politicians put our lives in suspense Power drunk, they are killing each other. Arguing if pips need a stimulus check Interrupting the progress to go further. Searching for ways to move on, Move on beyond the ravage of COVID We begged for a vaccine to save us all Now, that it’s here, we are silent and stolid. Picking through cracks of structural divides Most keep opinions a secret Watching the country falling apart Pretending that we are all equal. Woke up in the morning, turned on news With hope to hear about our savior coming. Only to learn that overnight More souls left the Earth and in heaven humming. A year of daily nightmares has passed Surgical masks still in fashion The Q people hit the country with blasts…

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