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BrothersKadaandMatiwere abandoned as babies on the muddy banks of the riverGangesin theShovabazararea of nostalgic North Kolkata. While some thought them to be the unwanted seeds of a prostitute from neighbouringShonagachi, Asia’s largest flesh-market, others believed them to be Demigods, sons of the GoddessGangesherself.

It was a wet and cold August night in 1980.Chandrabhanu Pal, a local idol-maker was on his nightly rounds collecting a special kind of glistening river clay for his unique idols. This special clay could only be found at particular spots, where Mudskippers wiggled and aired it to an ideal texture most suitable for the master’s sculptures.

On that chilly moonlit night, while searching for this very precious clay,Chandrabhanusaw something on the muddy riverside, that would change his life forever.

He spotted two creatures that looked like skippers shimmering in the…

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