The endless scrolling…

The Zainab Experiment

Everyday when I am done with work, the first thing I do is grab my phone. With no set intentions about what to do, I start opening random apps just to see what is out there.

I go from checking my messages to social media to shopping apps and back. And day after day, whatever I find is pretty much the same. My social media feed is just a pile of regurgitated throwback pictures from when people still had their wisdom teeth intact. There is always some sale going on where you can find nothing useful besides that one pair of jeans that has been on 60% off since 2 years now. I pass such heavy judgements on everything. But at the end, I am no better either. I just keep coming back to what I, myself deem garbage.

Why? Why?! Why can’t I just stop scrolling? Why won’t I…

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3 thoughts on “The endless scrolling…”

    1. sorry, I was scrolling – lol – yes it fits… Last time I was in a restaurant, I counted people looking at phones and quickly found it was easier to count people not looking at their phone.

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