Procrastination: Causes and Ways to Overcome

Shayan's Sphere

How often it happens that we indulge ourselves in a work and after spending few hours if we are unable to get the very result we desire, we postpone the same for some other day. Procrastination is no doubt an attitude problem. The twenty-four hours in a day are not less actually, but they become so only when we’ve so many excuses. There are several reasons why we procrastinate. A few of them are described in brief as follows—

(I) Fear of failure and criticism:

Fear of failure is one of the most notable reason that makes us to procrastinate. We blindly believe that we need to have all the preconditions ready to be more creative and to do something in the best possible way. A little bit of hindrance in the way stops us from going ahead. However, in reality there is little logic behind what we think in…

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