COVID: Vaccines and Symptomless Transmission

Be careful…


The Mayo Clinic offers findings from new research that people who receive the two-dose mRNA vaccines (Moderna and Pfizer) reduce the chance of carrying and transmitting the coronavirus to others by between 75% and 90% versus people who remain unvaccinated.

That’s a big deal. The major spreaders of the virus have been people with no symptoms — who never knew they had it. As we say in the post yesterday, that’s a big number. At this point, about 10% of the US population has been confirmed through testing as having the virus. Blood tests taken for other purposes indicate that another 10% had the virus without ever knowing it.

Think about it. You go to a restaurant, beach or game. Look at the 10 people closest to you. Two of them have had the virus, and may still have it. One knows it and is probably wearing a mask. The…

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