More People in the US Had COVID-19 than We Knew

We’re not done with the virus until the virus says so.

And remember, if the US had acted in concert with Australia and New Zealand last year, we wouldn’t have this mess. The US didn’t, and we’re paying a huge price for GOP stupidity.


There are two separate reports about COVID-19 antibodies present among people who don’t think they’ve been sick. Remarkably, they point to the same percentage of Americans having been infected with the virus.

  • A study of 61,910 persons undergoing medical exams as part of applying for life insurance: 6.6% of blood samples among persons claiming not to ,have had COVID-19 have the antibodies for the coronavirus. That by itself would add millions of infection cases to the US totals.(1)
  • In the first week of March, the American Red Cross reports that 1 in five blood donations from unvaccinated donors contained COVID-19 antibodies.(2)

The insurance study finding by itself is sufficient to double the number of COVID-19 infections in the US.

The finding would “double the number who have been infected with COVID-19 compared to the number of clinically diagnosed cases,” lead author Robert L. Stout, PhD, chief scientific officer at Clinical…

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