The Second-Class Treatment of U.S. Territories Is Un-American

Repeating Islands

Stacey Plaskett, Delegate of the U.S. Virgin Islands, states, “We deserve nothing less than the full rightsof citizenship, including the right to vote” (The Atlantic).

Last month, I served as a House impeachment manager in the trial of President Donald Trump. My presence on the floor of the U.S. Senate carried a great deal of meaning for me. It also said a lot about America. A Black girl who split her childhood between housing projects in Brooklyn and St. Croix could grow up to become a member of Congress who holds a former president to account. But I was the only Black woman in the room. And although I was making the case for convicting Trump, I hadn’t been able to cast a vote in the House to impeach him. My constituents in the Virgin Islands—U.S. citizens—remain unable to vote for president, lack any voice in…

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