Ganz schön Rock`n`Roll, oder was?

Pretty rock`n`roll, or what? Some older men recently gave me an idea.
The guys named Mick, Keith, Charlie and Ronnie, for whom I generally have a soft spot, delighted me a few days ago with their brand new song, entitled “Living in a Ghost Town”.

There it says among other things: “Life was so beautiful, then we all got locked down”.
Oh yes, that’s exactly how it is, because we all currently spend a lot of time in our own four walls.
Because for the good of everyone, exhibitions this year will largely be flat.
Even creative artist meetings, rousing concerts, inspiring museum visits, great readings and inspiring cultural get-togethers have recently been canceled in a row.
So what to do

Complain about the lack of the previous, colorful, loud, beautiful, diverse and stimulating life?

For the feeling, I thought, I could present my set of Rolling Stones portraits on the studio wall.
A combination with, for example, the Stones’ last album, entitled “Blue & Lonesome”, would be perfect as background music.
But it would also be nice to rummage around in my inventory and put one of your first vinyl records on my turntable, namely “Out Of Our Heads”.
And suddenly sitting in the room didn’t sound that bad anymore.
I got to work enthusiastically.

I also found that it would be worth considering taking off the jogger, which I currently like to wear and often, for at least a few hours.
“It`s Only Rock`nRoll`, but we like it!”

If you would like to listen to the latest work of the “Rolling Stones”, please click here


Die schönste Ablenkung vom Lockdown – ein Platz mitten in der eigenen kleinen Atelier- Ausstellung

Ganz schön Rock`n`Roll, oder was? Einige ältere Herren brachten mich kürzlich auf eine Idee.
Die Herren namens Mick, Keith, Charlie und Ronnie, für die ich generell ein Faible habe, erfreuten mich vor ein paar Tagen mit ihrem brandneuen Song, betitelt “Living in a Ghost Town”.

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