Spanish Sundays, dreamers, and FreeRoomAndRice for All…

FYI: 2.471 acres = 1 hectare.

Critical thinking for Human Community

@thegeneticsgal, this one is for you:

I have been dreaming up an idea since 2011, which I have been rehashing, renaming, and reorganizing into more viable alternatives.  This bit of the idea comes from around 2013 or so, but don’t forget, that even then I was trying to figure out what parts and pieces make up the common good.

The common good, or the general welfare, includes our Public Commons, like on-going legal & financial pro-bono education (aka Adulting Education).   Access to these public goods must become more fully inclusive for all of us.

the aim of Fully Inclusive Equality.

The Goals (allowing each person to contribute fully):

1. Each person, as a child, must learn to swim (or at least float).
2. Each child must learn emotional/psychological self-defense and physical self-defense to the greatest extent possible, in a Gandhian context.
(1 and 2 are part…

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11 thoughts on “Spanish Sundays, dreamers, and FreeRoomAndRice for All…”

  1. Thank you for sharing this, Ned.

    I got so much push-back a few years ago just on the amount of land that I lowered this idea to one acre/person, as I continued pondering on the set of issues.


    1. Thank you for confirming that, Ned: this is what I’d read in several places some years ago, but folks kept saying that this wasn’t correct.
      I’ve seen several sites that agree that an acre is just enough, if the family is vegan, to provide enough calories for a year, but only for 3 or 4 people, if they watched their intake. Is it really that difficult?
      An acre looked like alot of land to me (a city girl), when a farmer showed me a one-acre plot.
      The only problem is that a house would probably have to be build on stilts above (or like a Hobbit house below??) the land, to take advantage of the entire acre.

    2. With square foot farming, mini-green houses and such – an acre is more than enough for four people. Depends on what you plant – a 1/4 acre garden that I helped with could feed more than 4 people, if they canned or froze veggies, as well –

    3. Once started 100 gardens for one season – 100 Mexican-American families. tomatoes, tomatillos, chili, celantro, basil, lettuce – garden frame and mix for soil from seed to salads…

    4. Two of us with 2 volunteers. We did four other community gardens and a school garden that year as well. Was a good year.

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