National Dish of Each Caribbean Island

Repeating Islands

[Many thanks to Peter Jordens for bringing this item to our attention, but I resent it. The article made me homesick and hungry, such a bad combination. On another note, I just realized is that Puerto Rico has a similar word to fungee; in the countryside, this cornmeal dish is called funche.]Tasteeful Recipes shares specialties from the Caribbean:

Anguilla: Pigeon peas & Rice—Just like other Caribbean islands, Anguillans consume a good amount of rice. So it is no secret that their national dish would be pigeon peas and rice. Whether the rice may be yellow or white, it is loved by all Anguillans.

Antigua & Barbuda: Fungee & Pepperpot—Fungee is a cornmeal based dish which is served with pepperpot. Although this dish may sound familiar to the Guyanese dish, Antiguan pepperpot is different in taste and look.

Aruba: Keshi Yena—Not only is this island…

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  1. Actually for Haiti, it would be “diri djondjon” black mushroom rice followed by “soup joumou” squash soup. Both of these are uniquely Haitian. Griot is just fried pork Haitian style.

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