Myanmar security forces kill 20 protesters in Yangon

Myanmar security forces shot dead at least 20 people participating in anti-coup demonstrations in Yangon on Sunday, local media reported.

Video footage showed gunshots ringing out in Bago, with citizens fleeing into narrow alleys and others carrying away the injured.

Meanwhile, a group of politicians from ousted leader Aung San Suu Kyi’s National League for Democracy formed a parallel civilian government in defiance of the coup.

In a video message posted online Saturday, “acting vice president” Mahn Win Khaing Than pledged to abolish the 2008 Constitution that ensures the military’s role in politics and to work toward forming a federal democratic union.

The former upper house speaker said citizens’ resistance is being tested and that all nations must work together to end the military dictatorship.

“It is indeed a darkest time for our country but it is also the time before the dawn for us,” he said, while calling the uprising “an opportunity to strive for forming of a federal democratic union desired by all of our ethnic brothers and sisters who suffered the atrocities of the military rule for decades.”

Source: Myanmar security forces kill 20 protesters in Yangon