Healthy Beetroot Halwa

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No, I don’t like Beetroot one bit.

Yes, that’s the truth and then everything changed once I became pregnant. Its one of those weird things which happened. Women crave sweets, fast foods, savory, salt and many more. But for some weird reasons I started enjoying coffee and beetroot more during my pregnancy. More weird (to me) my kid loves, actually adores beetroot chips than lays chips.

Eating the beetroots still stuck with me even after and I enjoy this healthy and yummy vegetable in both stir fries and curries alike. Most of the times you get that nasty after taste of Iron after eating beetroot. But that never bothered me.

Adding beetroot to sweets is new for me. But it is the easiest and delicious dessert you can make to grace any occasion. Plus there is a big added benefit of HEALTHY in the mix. As you know, Beetroot is…

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