Myanmar: Curfew-defying protests turn deadly | News | DW | 13.03.2021

At least seven people were killed Saturday during anti-coup protests in Myanmar, as security forces continue to use deadly force against peaceful demonstrators.

Four people were reported killed in Mandalay after police opened fire on a sit-in protest. Another two people died in the town of Pyay and one in a suburb of Yangon, reported the Associated Press.

What evidence exists of police violence?

Security forces have been using increasingly brutal tactics to suppress a nationwide protest movement opposing the military takeover of the democratically elected government on February 1.

Graphic images circulating among activists on social media Saturday showed bodies lying in the street and people disfigured by bullet wounds.

Domestic media reported that two protesters were killed overnight in Yangon’s Tharketa district after police shot at a crowd of people who had gathered outside a police station demanding the release of detained demonstrators.

Source: Myanmar: Curfew-defying protests turn deadly | News | DW | 13.03.2021