Guam | Pacific Paratrooper – WWII

In a lot of Pacific War histories, Guam is swept aside and banished as insignificant.  How soon they forget, many might say.

In Tokyo, soundtrucks festooned with World War II colors still extol those lost in a gallant defeat. In America, elders like Louis H. Wilson Jr. and George Tweed would never forget.

Source: Guam | Pacific Paratrooper

2 thoughts on “Guam | Pacific Paratrooper – WWII”

  1. Thank you, Ned. This is all part of our history which is now being swept under the rug as far as our schools are concerned.

    1. have not seen recent k-12 history books but they never were very good at teaching about wars – peace and conflict. Most “learned” via films and Victory at Sea tv. And now – nothing much at all…

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