Carrot Lane


There is something I find rather disconcerting. I see all you humans struggling and working. But not for food, shelter, clothing. Over invaluable things to be gloating. That shiny thing ain't no carrot. And it's not even pleasing my palette. I've learned - a carrot is not a carat. Just like a dog is not a rabbit. At first I felt deluded. A bowl of goodies I anticipated. But, sparkly things caught my gaze. Suddenly it was the focus and rage. If you can't eat it, why so fascinated? If it doesn't get into your tummy, why pay so much for it, dummy? If I could, I'd make this world full of vegetation. It'd be so much better, I don't understand your hesitation. There'd be carrots everywhere and food for all. And mankind and bunnies would be happy after all. Why do you spend your money on the unnecessary? And…

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