As Covid Deaths Soar in Brazil, Bolsonaro Hails an Untested Nasal Spray

He is a wonder – many wonder how he has survived being such a bozo. He is killing his own people and the Amazon…

Vaccines and critical-care beds are in short supply. Yet President Jair Bolsonaro is railing against social distancing and calling an experimental treatment from Israel “miraculous.”

O valor de [re]conciliar-se consigo mesmo — comigo!

Com o tempo você descobre que para viver bem, deve se arriscar menos e amadurecer mais. Que aquele ” mulherão ” que a gente sonha se transforma, ‘melhor versão de você mesmo’, acontece aos poucos. Um dia você acorda Maria, no outro, é a Auxiliadora de si mesmo, ou seja, sem a ajuda dos outros, […]

O valor de [re]conciliar-se consigo mesmo — comigo!

WHO sees Ebola risk as “very high” for Guinea’s neighbours | Reuters

World Health Organization officials said on Friday the risk of an Ebola outbreak spreading from Guinea to its neighbours was “very high” and that some neighbouring countries were not prepared for outbreaks or for future vaccination campaigns. Source: WHO sees Ebola risk as “very high” for Guinea’s neighbours | Reuters

Dalai Lama vaccinated against novel coronavirus


The Dalai Lama received the first dose of COVID-19 vaccine at a hospital in the northern Indian town of Dharamshala, according to the Tibetan government-in-exile headquartered there.

Following the jab, the 85-year-old, exiled Tibetan spiritual leader appealed to all eligible people to come forward and get themselves vaccinated for the greater good of society.

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Brokers Are STILL Selling Stolen Indigenous Land on Facebook TWO WEEKS After the BBC denounced this crime! However, Facebook takes down photos of traditional indigenous people that “violate Community Standards” within HOURS of being posted!

Barbara Crane Navarro

Illegally burning indigenous forest in the Amazon in order to sell the land for grazing cattle and farmland

I consider the photo above to be obscene and unconscionable…

“The white people claim these land drawings have a price and this is why they trade them for money…their leaders constantly tell themselves ‘We are powerful! We will possess the entire forest. Let its inhabitants die!”- Yanomami spokesman and shaman Davi Kopenawa from Roraima, Brazil, The Falling Sky

Yanomami woman and her children going to the river
Barbara Crane Navarro

Facebook considers that the photo above “violates our Community Standards for nudity or sexual activity” and took it down a couple of HOURS after I posted it, announcing that “Your account is restricted for 24 hours.”I requested that the photo be re-examined and my post was restored the next day…

According the the BBC investigation, by João Fellet and Charlotte Pamment: “Facebook…

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