Pass that point

I would say that human nature is fragile. Incremental improvements in the way we think, view a situation or even treat ourselves will be paramount to living a much healthier and contented life. I am pass the point of feeling down about the horrible deck of cards that life has handed me. Rather, I am going to create my own deck of cards, call the shots and act it out, all in faith. I think we deserve it, truly deserve it.

Roses & Brimstone

I would say that I am more independent now than I ever have been. Thinking and making decisions for myself is the hallmark of adulthood. It is when there is no longer a person of safety between me and the unknown. I pretty much know or are as experienced as much as my own folks who used to look out for me , be it my mother, and/or older friends. I think there comes a point of time when you need to be an individual apart from always remaining in a dependent position .I really should be more optimistic about being able to take care of them , and not only just them looking out for me.

I am trying to improve my outward projection onto life, by taking necessary risks that are of course, not naive but nevertheless, deliberate and difficult so as to improve my current circumstances …

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