Kerry View Three

Michael Stephen Wills Photography

Number three of seven from the Kerry County side near the top of Healy Pass, R574. Coolcreen townland is in the foreground of this photograph, the aspect turned 90 degrees to portrait mode, compared to View One..

For the first time, though not the last, in this series we glimpse a lake. Like many of the Irish place names, Glenmore Lake has a connection to the Irish Language name, Loch an Ghleanna Mhóir. Roughly translated the name means Large Lake of the Glen. The names in use today, in English, are derived from the sounds of the Irish. It happens the Irish Ghleanna sounds link Glen (or in another version, Glan, roughly the same).

Beara Peninsula, Coolcreen townland, County Kerry, Republic of Ireland. To learn more of the distant waters, read One and Two of this series (links are above).

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