About the ugly and sometimes scary

Grew up in California and remember seeing vultures almost every day. Most interesting, was when they circled the hospital 2 blocks from where I lived.


Does a kettle of vultures circling in the sky give you pause?

Took this picture a few years back one early morning

Turkey vultures often get a bad rap. Yes, they are pretty ugly. They do perform a vital role in the ecosystem by cleaning up the carrion. It is for some kind of scary seeing a lot of them circling overhead. Here’s some other information:

  • Yes, a group of turkey vultures circling is called a kettle of vultures
  • They spread their wings to warm up or dry off, usually in the morning
  • They can soar for  hours at a time, rarely flapping wings
  • They clean up the carcasses of dead animals, keeping diseases down
  • Wing spans reach up to six feet
  • They stick their heads in carcasses so no head feathers to keep clean
  • Buzzard is not the correct name for turkey vultures
  • They DO NOT kill dogs, cats…

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