California-based plumbers bring aid to San Antonio

One of these master plumbers is a San Diego coffee shop owner, David Chaddick. He organized a GoFundMe to purchase plumbing supplies that are already out of stock at most hardware stores in the area.

Chaddick, along with a team of experts, loaded their U-Haul and made their way down I-10, straight to San Antonio, to assist in the winter storm relief efforts on the West Side.

Families have utilized Chaddick and his crew for much-needed home repairs over the weekend. His team completely rebuilt a wheelchair ramp for West Side resident Yolanda Villareal and her husband, which is just one example of the work the team has taken on so far.

Chaddick and others are slated to return to the West Coast this week, but will leave knowing they made a difference for many San Antonians.

Source: California-based plumbers bring aid to San Antonio