Hold my hand|دستم را بگیر

A Voice from Iran

180th story

Once upon a time;

A father and her daughter were going from their village to the nearest town to see a doctor. They had to walk across the woods in order to get to the town faster throughout a short cut.

The daughter was sick and the father wanted to get her to the doctor as soon as possible.

On the way, they saw a narrow wooden bridge, hanging and swinging on top of a deep valley.

The father said: “Hold on to my hand, while we are passing this dangerous bridge.”

The daughter replied: “I won’t hold on to your hand, father. You hold my hand.”

The father said: “What you said, was the repeat of what I said, I don’t understand?”

The daughter replied: “There is a huge difference. If I hold on to your hand, I may release it in any circumstances, but if you…

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