A day well spent!💖💖🤗🤗

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Sorry for late posting peeps!!

20th Feb 12PM IST

So we all started with foggy weather, cold breeze and full of greenery…
Seeing totally black clouds everywhere, my mood became a bit off, but still we all started our small trip to ECO RETREAT, HIRAKUD.
Well as you all might know from my old post bucket list, i always have a wish to do paragliding and sky diving…
So friends if you have not seen my post on bucket list, do check in below link😃💖


Till now my wish is incomplete but atleast i achieved 40% of it by doing PARAMOTORING 🪂
We enjoyed seeing the scenic beauty, both road sides full of trees as if they have gathered all for their family get together and spreading green tents all over to stay!!
After a while, again enjoyed seeing river on both side of road, flowing in rythm as…

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