Seasons of Change

Unlocking The Hidden Me


I hear that song that we sang all summer long

We sweltered but got so very well along

That flavorful creamy ice

And oh that joyous joy ride

Just an axial tilt of the earth and my summer transformed

The beautiful green leaves started to turn brown

When you considered yourself wearing that invisible crown

Those solemn promises to live by

And oh those pearls of laughter from deep inside

Just a drip in temperature and autumn stopped by

We lived our summers but tripped our fall

And tough it is to smile through the winters squall

That pure white snow covered all over

And oh those tea and fritters that we used to wolf down

Just went aloof when the sun hid under the moon

Melodies of robins and the return of monarch butterflies

How they smell the cut grass and come to claim their prize

That elliptical…

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