Fish n Rice

Weekend Stories by Trishikh

Bipin Bihari Choudharee belonged to a very particular breed of endangered Bengalis. A dying pedigree reminiscent of the bygone days of the Zamindars and ‘babu-culture’. A typical Bong in many ways and unique in some very distinctive traits. Residing in his ancestral home – a dying palatial facade in Goabagan, north Kolkata, Bipin had never left the ‘City of Joy’.

The septuagenarian led a very routined life. His day began at four every morning through the ritualistic gargling with saline water, which according to his wife Mrinalini, could raise the dead from its burning pyre. This was followed by a voluntarily induced vomiting caused by deep throat fingering – The yogic cleansing act of Kunjal Kriya. It produced one of the weirdest sounds that no one would desire to hear at the break of dawn every morning. 

Bipin was a highly superstitious and religious man. Right…

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